(best • ah) 1. (adv.) a replacement for any adverb in the English language.
2. (interjection) a replacement for any greeting, inquiry, and/or affirmative exclamation. The addition of "not" following besta can be used in place of any negative exclamation.
3. (definite article) a replacement for "the"
4. (pronoun) Can replace any pronoun in the English language
5. (adj.) At the speaker's discretion, it can replace an adjective
As a adverb -- Besta pass me the pepper

As a greeting -- The Beaver: Hi, Wally! Wally: Besta!

As a inquiry-- Wally: I feel sick. Beaver: Besta? Wally: Yeah, besta got drunk last night.

As an affirmative exclamation -- Wally: Want to get krunked and find some hos? Beaver: Besta!

As a negative exclamation -- Wally: Do you want to call it an early night? Beaver: Besta not!

As a definite article -- Wally: Besta cops broke down mah door and took mah crack pipe.

As a pronoun -- Beaver: Besta smells like yo momma's coochie.

(Note: There is some debate amongst scholars as to the validity of Besta as a verb and noun. The liberal school of thought views besta as both a noun and verb as well.
Ex. Verb -- Wally: Beaver, can you besta me a rubber for me and mah ho?
Ex. Noun -- Beaver: Besta forgot dem besta and she gave me gonorrhea.)
by Dem Brownettes April 07, 2008
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