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When a girl calls a guy a "best friend" and is thereby elevated from the friend zone to the best friend zone.
Worse than the Friend Zone, yet not as bad as the Brother Zone.

Guy 1: I've been elevated from the Friend Zone to the Best Friend Zone.

Guy 2: You're Fucked.
by imaybeinsane May 01, 2010
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Potentially, the worst level of friendzone you will ever reach. Opposite sex will see you as the ultimate conversation partner and even might not consdier you as a minger, yet find you uncompatible to any romantic/sexual relationship. By far, the most misery-bringing rank you might even aquire.
Are you MOTHERFUCKING KIDDING ME?! s/he put me in funking bestfriendzone!
by OhyeaFUCK May 18, 2013
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When a male or female call their bestfriend "bestfriend" when the two people like each other.
We both like each other, but she calls "bestfriend" a lot. Which this puts me in the bestfriend-zone.
by i won't break July 28, 2018
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When your best friends ex is tryna fuck, but you don't feel like being compared to them in bed, possibly ending the friendship
"Hey your ex Joe tried to smash yesterday, I best friend zoned his ass."

"Good, he's got bad dick anyway."
by Anarchist 27 February 17, 2019
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