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When a girl calls a guy a "best friend" and is thereby elevated from the friend zone to the best friend zone.
Worse than the Friend Zone, yet not as bad as the Brother Zone.

Guy 1: I've been elevated from the Friend Zone to the Best Friend Zone.

Guy 2: You're Fucked.
by imaybeinsane May 01, 2010
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Potentially, the worst level of friendzone you will ever reach. Opposite sex will see you as the ultimate conversation partner and even might not consdier you as a minger, yet find you uncompatible to any romantic/sexual relationship. By far, the most misery-bringing rank you might even aquire.
Are you MOTHERFUCKING KIDDING ME?! s/he put me in funking bestfriendzone!
by OhyeaFUCK May 18, 2013
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