It's obviously NYC. I mean, you knew what NYC meant without me even telling you it was New York City. That's proof enough, isn't it?

If you're stubborn, or if you're from Boston, Chicago, or Los Angeles, here's more proof that NYC's better than any other city in the world:

1) Jealous cities always compare themselves to NYC.

2) New York City is bigger than any other US city in both ways - by population AND area.

3) You can see a person from every culture in the world just by standing on a sidewalk in Manhattan during the first ten minutes of rush hour.

4) We have the best pizzas, the best bagels, the best Italian food, the best shopping areas, the best sports teams, the best Christmas tree, the best tourist attractions... we have the best, well, EVERYTHING...

5) Where else have you seen a place with eight Chinatowns and five Little Italies?

6) It's the third safest city out of the twenty largest cities in the US. So don't be callin' us criminals.

7) We experience all four seasons. You can swim in the summer and go sledding during winter.

8) The terrorists tried to destroy us 'cause of our awesomeness. And guess what? They failed. 'Cause, as I said, we're awesome.

9) We're home to many of the world's greatest rappers.

10) NYC has the largest subway system in America, meaning you can get from Brooklyn to the Bronx without even touching a steering wheel.
1) Jealous dude: We're better than New York, bro... WE'RE the best city ever!

2) Hey, did you know that NYC has over eight million people and is four hundred sixty-nine square miles large?

3) Oh my gosh! I saw fifty-one Caucasians, forty-six African Americans, fifty-three Hispanics, and thirty-six Asians in just thirty seconds!

4) Man 1: Hey, have you tried a NYC pizza?
Man 2: Yeah, it's the best in the world.

5) Get over here, Sam! Which Chinatown are we going to?

6) This place is as safe as Boise, Idaho.

7) Woman 1: Look! It's snowing!
Woman 2: Wow. You don't see that much in Los Angeles.

8) New Yorker 1: Remember 9/11?
New Yorker 2: Yeah. The terrorists will never win.

9) Whoa, you know 50 Cent? He's from New York City!

10) Lady 1: I just got here from the Queens.
Lady 2: That's really far away! How much was the gas?
Lady 1: Oh, I didn't drive. I took the subway.
by Wild.Julieberries June 25, 2012