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A nickname or "Berklee-ism" for the Berklee College of Music, in Boston, MA.

The phrase was coined by Ear Training guru Mitch Harpers, who is one of Berklee's textbook writers and a distinguished professor at the renowned music institution.

It's a phrase that can be used as a "positive-negative" name for the school, such as "bad" or "wicked" are used in modern American speech, but most often is used in endearing frustration attributed towards the quirks that come with attending a world-class music conservatory; the reasoning behind the statement is often given by students regarding staff members: "Just because you are a good musician, doesn't mean you are a good administrator".
I can't play for your band this Friday, I have a recording session at Berzerklee that night, sorry.
by dbrow127 March 10, 2011
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