Any hardcore supporter of Bernie Sanders, willing to do anything for their little Jewish mascot. They feel the Bern everyday because it's what keeps them going.
"Hey did you hear about what the Bernie bros did last week? They trolled every Hillary Clinton supporter on all the social media."

Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton jewish president
by berniebro February 21, 2016
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Like Batboy or a chupacabra, a mythical woman-hating, chair-throwing, election stealing progressive who dares question the mythical sanctity of St Hillary of Wall Street's (SHoWS) status of perfect Democrat electioneering skillz.

A method used by hysterical butthurt corporate Democrats to blame fellow progressive Democrats for SHoWS bad choices, ignorance and inability to win elections despite the largest election warchest of any candidate in history
I hate Bernie Bros for putting Trump in Office by not voting for Hillary.

Hillary didn't lose to Trump because she never set foot in Wisconsin and didn't believe polls from Michigan or Pennsylvania...she lost because of the Bernie Bros!
by Bernie Ball Buster March 19, 2018
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