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The radical, outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter who roams through the realms of social media to enlighten the uninformed people about the meaning of "democratic socialist", "corporate-owned" news outlets/media, and the untrustworthiness of Hillary Clinton. They are commonly spotted on Facebook posting the same comments, of which are unorginal (usually copied & pasted), on Hillary Clinton's campaign page or on news stories about her/Bernie.
Bradley: I find it really hard to support Bernie Sanders' cause when I see Bernie Bots attack Hillary's campaign.

Ryan: Bummer; he's an awesome dude that would make a great President.
by theveryliberalhomosexual October 07, 2016
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A dumbass who supports Bernie Sanders, but writes stupid comments on Hillary Facebook pages.
Oh damn, there's another Berniebot on this Hillary supporters' page!
by Gayle Marie July 07, 2016
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