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Much like ex Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga parties, a Bernardi party is a gathering of a sexual nature, in this instance involving copulation between humans and another species of mammal. A Bernardi Party is named after Australian Senator, Cory Bernardi, who announced recently that same sex marriage is a gateway to bestiality.
Frank: Hey Dezza, what’s happening Saturday night? Any ladies coming around?
Darren: Na mate, thinking of having a Bernardi Party down at York Peninsular.

Frank: Ooh you are a sick fuck Dez. I’m in.
by Tobster September 20, 2012
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Linked to the verb Bernardiing. The Bernardi Party is the collective noun for those who have fantasies about intercourse with particular mammals other than humans.
The Bernardi Party visited me on my farm in Ithaca.

I was elated when the Bernardi Party sponsored my dog washing business.
by Paperjar February 10, 2018
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