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A girl from the Philippines whose beauty makes everyone extremely jealous. She can be considered Asian Persuasion- and once you mess with her, there's no going back. She's absolutely gorgeous, smart, talented, and every girl dreams to be her. She sings like an angel and protects those she loves. You're lucky to be her friend :)
who has their tenth monthaversary today?
<3 =.=
by ninja081511 June 07, 2012
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Bernadeth is a person who has many different personalities and will use them on different people who suit it. She can cause trouble but can also solve the problem to most hardest question. She’s a true friend to have and she will stay in her boundaries if needed. It could take a long time to adjust her her attitude and her strength of negotiations because she can cut you down in seconds. She’s very emotionally driven but she will only let her brain to decide if she has lost all faith, she’ll leave you if you show signs of leaving her and slowly depart from your friendship together but really you need a friend like her to see you till the end-she’s like a mother but more dangerous and fun.
A: damn, Bernadeth almost killed name because she wanted to die
B: she’s our second mom, she’ll always do her best to protect us
by PotatoArt February 20, 2018
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