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Pronounced: Berlin - aight.
1) People from Berlin\Kensington Connecticut. The geological center of Connecticut.
2) Drive around in honda civics their parents bought them complaining all day how their life is so bad. Usually seen wearing clothes from American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch. The most fun they have on a Friday night is hanging out in a empty parking lot at 11 pm acting tough. Think they are a superior form of homo-sapien although they are debated to be origins of the Chavtribe in the U.K... Just more rich. Also most Berlinite's call others Berlinites to make their ego's bigger\get tribe 'props'.
John to his friends at 3am in Mobil parking lot.: 'That kid is such a Berlinite."
by little bunny foo foo May 18, 2005
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