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A very athletic guy who is good at sports. Once you see him, you would want to play against him or play with him as a teammate. He is very cool and quiet at times, and hes definitely super quiet on the court when he is playing basketball and on the field when he is playing football. He is funny, handsome, strong, fast, and has lots of ups. He loves to rap and loves to listen to music, and he has lots of haters.
Person 1 (male): Yo Berinsky is coming, I'm about to go against him!
Person 2 (male): Bruh I hate this dude, he always gotta show off to the girls!
Person 1 (male): Calm down bro, it sounds like you are jealous.
Person 2 (male): It's not my fault I'm jealous, just look how athletic he is!
Person 1 (male): I mean, you can be just like him one day if you practice a lot like he does.
Person 2 (male): I guess you're right, but that will be very long.
Person 1 (male): It all starts here, greatness is earned.
Person 2 (male): You're right.
by Berinsky May 21, 2018
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Someone always in there feelings, going through depression and everything, has no trust for no one.
Man 1: Yo what's up with this guy right there, he looks sad.
Man 2: You talking about Berinsky, hes always sad. :/
Man 1: Dang, hopefully hes alright.
by Kevin's Heart December 27, 2018
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A handsome guy that gets ladies while people talk behind his back because hes always being real.
Man: Yo ma man you see Berinsky, hes a crazy ass playa, he get all the ladies 100%
Man 2: Man, I hate that guy, he took my girl.
Woman passes by...
Woman: Oouu, You look amazing Berinsky!
by Leon Jacques December 26, 2018
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