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1.)One of the largest German families in the Midwest. They are famous for their historic restaurant in Chicago, Illinois and for their secret family recipe German style beer. They are a proud family and have a massive family reunion every year in early summer and drink several cans of their family brewed beer. They are a close nit family that cares deeply for one another. Don’t mess with Berghoff’s. You mess with one, you mess with them all!

2.)Another name for an intelligent, attractive person of Germanic origin. They excel at any type of fine art, anything beer related, or any science and doctorate program. An extremely cultured German that is far superior to all other Germans.
I bumped into a kid in the hallway and suddenly I was jumped by a bunch of Berghoff’s!

Franz: Did you see that doctor?!

Helga: The one playing Gutiar?

Franz: Yeah I just played a game of beer pong with him, he is a beast!

Helga: Well he IS a Berghoff!

I surender, Berghoff's truly ARE better people than us.

by SuperiorGermanGurl<3 March 26, 2009
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To recieve fellatio from a woman while she feeds you a hamburger. Could be reffered to as recieving a "berghoff" or in a race, where the winner is "the Berghoff."
Dude, she gave me a Berghoff last night!!!!!

His hamburger is gone and he has exploded his load, he is the Berghoff!!!
by Fairy Juice January 07, 2010
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