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Can be defined as the cutest couple out there. People who are loving, caring, and wise through their walk with Jesus Christ. Amazing, fantastic, and all around amazing individuals. Polar opposites, but perfect for each other. Similar to magnets, and their north and south pole. One is beautiful and has the sweetest smile, most gorgeous eyes, most enjoyable laugh and a breath-taking personality. This specific individual is unforgettable and is loved and accepted by everyone around. Their artistic abilities and stubborn determination will take them places they have never imagined to be possible. The other is a fantastic, fun, go-getter who is amazing to be around. This person will never disappoint and is known for their fantastic, athletic abilities, and kind heart. Though this said person can sometimes be a bit blind-sighted, they are amazing and perfect in their own way.
The Real Bendra is two amazing people.
by sk8ter18 January 24, 2018
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