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A Bendosexual is someone who changes there sexuality constantly. This is not to be confused with a novosexual as brendosexuals are just going though a phase. Brendosexuals will claim there gay and have always been gay and will always be gay then go out with a girl and claim they have always been straight. They are usually unpleasant people and majorly defensive about there sexuality. They are complete ass holes.
Bendosexual: I'm straight.

Person: ok... But wernt you gay yesterday?

Brendosexual: no, your imagining things, I've always been straight.

Next day

Brendosexual: I'm pan
Person: wernt you just straight?

Brendosexual: shut up! Nothing but love matters in a relationship.

Person: ok... Sure... How did you know u were pan?

Brendosexual: thought I was straight then I saw some people online talking about how cool being pan sexual was and so now I'm pan.

Person: are u sure ur not just pan curious? Like you don't know your sexuality?


Person: NO NEED TO BE SO RUDE!! your such a Brendosexual!
by Aim4insane April 19, 2016
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