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A person who believes that benchmarks/benchmarking is the ONLY thing that matters instead of the overall usability and/or feel of something

Also: benchmarxism.
Examples would be the constant and boring IOS vs Android, OSX vs Windows, Intel Vs AMD, Imports vs Domestic (cars), Single vs Multicore debates, etc.

Person01: "Man, your MyFlush 3G phone SUCKS. It only has ONE core! Look at my quadrant results. That's right, I got 87,000.6! because I have 57 cores with my P-Mobile MegaDouche 4GS II"
Person02: "Efing benchmarxist! Not everything is about specs! my phone works PERFECTLY"
Person01: "Perfectly slow and old with a tiny, tiny screen!"
Person02: ":/ Gotta wait 'till my plan resets"
by 808Curt August 05, 2011
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