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The very definition of badass, redneck, hunter, fisherman, coon slayer, confederate, auto mechanic, and pedophile.

Ben *Badass* Mallory, born in 100,000,000B.C., was the original creator of the universe. Forged through fire and coltanium, the strongest metal on earth he made his legendary K20 that he never drives with his bare hands, and created the tech shop where his K20 gets all of its powers.

Ben is also the hardest working individual you can ever meet. He's constantly busy 24/7 and can NEVER be bothered with.

Ben Mallory can get all the women too, whatever he likes, but he usually goes for the younger ones like 1-14 years old. Ben loves em young he says. He likes when they ain't stong enough to get away from him
Ben Mallory drove his K20 to the playground where he gets all the children at
by pp deep rotten June 05, 2018
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