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A brand of Canadian cigarette prod. by B&H. Popular among Canadian smokers age 16-29. Popularized by raver kids in the '90s. Often closely associated w/recreational drug use, ie. is most popular among young Canadian drunks, stoners, cokeheads etc.

TOXIC EMISSIONS (king-size): Tar 11-26 mg, Nicotine 1.0-2.4 mg, Formaldehyde 0.057-0.14 mg, Hydrogen cyanide 0.10-0.22 mg, Benzene 0.028-0.067 mg.

Slated for discontinuation early '07, likely for several reasons. (1)New Canadian tobacco laws prohibiting the use of 'light' or 'mild' on tobacco packaging; (2)relatively low sales; related to (3)declining numbers of young smokers in Canada.

Belmont enthusiasts aren't the only ones getting screwed over. Taxes on tobacco are used to finance healthcare services that Canadians take for granted. By legislating against tobacco, Canadian politicians are contributing to the decline of Canadian hospitals and medical services.
You: "Have you heard, they're discontinuing Belmont Milds."
Me: "I know, fuck the Canadian government, I'm moving to Amsterdam."
by nadnosnibor January 23, 2007
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Belmont Milds, now just referred to as Belmont(s) by smokers due to government regulations prohibiting the use of phrases like "light and Mild" on Tobacco Cigarette products are a brand of premium Canadian Tobacco Cigarette. Despite initial reports and rumors from smokers that Belmonts would be discontinued this never occurred. This may be attributed to the fact that this brand and Canadian Tobacco Industry once again saw a resurgence of popular youth smokers within the "hipster" and "party crowd" in Canada. Also that Benson & Hedges a British company that manufactures Belmont Cigarette may have felt they would lose a large market share of Canadian Tobacco Cigarette smokers to other Canadian brands as it's there only Canadian Cigarette brand.

Made with a Charcoal Filter if you open the filter of a Belmont you would find small fragments of Charcoal which gives the Cigarette an unique taste by removing certain impurities (Some smokers may say this is just an attempt to overlay bad Tobacco).
Consumer "I'd like a pack of Belmont Milds Kingsize please"
Shopkeep "That would be $12.50"
Consumer "Fuck"
by derpderpdongs August 16, 2009
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A popular Canadian brand of cigarettes. Manufacturing of Belmont Milds is scheduled for termination by 30 April 2007, at the latest, due to new Canadian federal tobacco regulations concerning the use of the terms "mild" and "light" on tobacco packaging. Since Belmont Milds are one of the highest-quality cigarettes currently manufactured in Canada, their discontinuation is yet another example of the anti-smoking Nazis in Ottawa failing to address REAL public concerns, instead conceding to the will of uptight, over-the-hill baby boomers who want to make sure the air still smells nice long after their olfactory organs have ceased to function.
"Did you hear, Belmont Milds are being discontinued."

"Yeah, maybe if we set fire to some baby boomers in the streets the government will change its mind."
by nadnosnibor December 29, 2006
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