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Belltown is basically the heart of Stamford CT. (Geographically of course.) But other than being the legit center of the town its a pretty chill place full of green trees and grass surrounded by (generally) upper middle class high schoolers and their families. Kids from this district always go to Stamford High or Dolan. Westhill aint got shit on us. But basically the people chillin in Belltown always hit up Belltown Park on weekend nights, its the local baseball field/basketball court which some of us refer to as L-Town. Thats where we hop out the whip and walk over to the court sit down a blaze L's all night.

Probably the best and most popular spot in Belltown is the Newfield Green. The local shopping center that has a 24/7 CVS Pharmacy located inside it. Along with a huge parking lot. Its pretty common youll see SHS kids chillin around their cars talking to one another or just gettin hammered. If your lucky enough to drive by on one of these nights it can be quite an amusing site. Especially when they stumble inside CVS not sure of what they want to eat to slake (Mr. Kelley word +2) their Munchie cravings.

All we drink is Coors Light, Bud Light, or Budweiser.
Belltown is definately the chillest spot in stamford.

No doubt bro, no doubt.
by Orange Shark Hat December 27, 2010
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