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A person who seems unstable from what are likely imaginary issues in which the belligerent stranger physically contacts an individual he or she has not previously met and has no history with, and in doing so, the belligerent stranger imbues the object of their aggression with feelings of being special or important. A belligerent stranger may also attempt to resolve issues that he or she has created with people he or she has never met by thinking of them as "old friends," in which they can "reconnect," by laughing it off. Unlike "accosting" someone, a belligerent stranger's deranged behavior is unique because it can involve activity that is otherwise normal or allowable in certain fields (i.e. reporters often "accost," politicians or celebrities). Belligerence is different from being annoying or hysterical because the belligerent stranger is creating a real and present danger, while a hysterical or annoying person is mostly engaging in drama.
An example of a belligerent stranger is in the lyrics to the song, the REM song, "What's the Frequency, Kenneth," which was about an attack against reporter Dan Rather. The belligerent stranger reportedly demanded to know, "What's the Frequency, Kenneth," because he believed that he could block the TV signals that were being beamed into his thoughts.
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by Rosebud1776 January 18, 2018
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