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A small village in Eaton county, Its known for its well.... nothing, theres nothing there besides old dicks getting wasted at the bar and smoking a lot of weed, the teenagers are pretty much the same way. They run around doing the most stupid things because well what else is there to do? Heroin has made such a large apperance in bellevue that all the drop out worthless kids just sit at the park smoking weed and then going home and shooting up and acting like a fucking nigger, like seriously all these teenagers think that they are the hardcore motherfuckers but really they are just hopeless wanna bes stuck in a god forsaken town. Our football team always loses but hey atleast we got... NOTHING. But if you wanna party and get wasted then we are the town for you.
Living in the middle of nowhere pretty much sums it up

Bellevue, Michigan
by Pleasehelpme March 21, 2011
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