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An extremely common name/term used in England (London is the capital) for a completely moronic individual who lacks any common sense or initiative and is general considered a waste of oxygen and a drain on earths resources. Originates in the city of Leeds.

Is often shortening to just "pipe" or "pipe end" This type of person can be very selfish and only thinks about his/her self, with a complete disregard for people around them.
I missed my last bus home because some Bell Pipe didn't bother putting his arm out for the bus driver.

Some bell pipe crashed into my car while I was grabbing a coffee and left a note under my windshield that read "I O U one bumper", he didnt bother leaving his insurance details.

Andrew sent his brand new PS4 back to Sony for repair because he said it wouldn't play xbox games, hes such a bell pipe....

Did you hear about the guy that sued GAP because he ironed a shirt whilst still wearing it and got first degree burns? He said that they didnt provide a warning advising not to iron whilst wearing.... what a bell pipe.

The bus driver thought the bus was full and drove past 5 stops of queing people because a group of pipes were stood blocking the isle near the entrance.
by Billy Bifocals August 21, 2014
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Basically; a penis. A pipe with a bell on the end.

The bell on the end of the penis.

Bell-Pipe is open to multiple interpretations.

Do with it what you will.

by James Benson November 02, 2006
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