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A joke movement based off of Black Lives Matter made by the Hearts of Iron 4 youtuber isorrowproductions to help the Belgian people. They are systematically oppressed by at least one half of their country that is so out of touch with the other that they may as well be speaking a different language. (The joke is that the different parts of Belgium speak different languages, which is true) The movement is also against Dutch tourists kidnapping Belgians by luring them into their cars. The Belgians have no clue what a car is because they bike everywhere. The Dutch then do atrocities to the Belgians such as leaving them in a car on a mild day, not one that is too hot. This leaves the Belgian mildly uncomfortable for about 10 minutes. Belgians must be fed waffles, hands from congolese black people, and stimulation to federalize the EU, as it is the first original idea from Belgium since a machine to chop of black peoples' hands.
I bought a Belgian Lives Matter flag from isorrowproductions' sellout merch website.
by HectorMowsMyLawn June 26, 2018
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