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Also known in the Pacific Northwest as "The Mississippi of Washington", Belfair is a backwoods shithole that sits on the mouth of the Hood Canal in Western Washington state. Despite being only an hour drive from Seattle, Belfair manages to be mostly populated by hairy, foul-smelling, beer-gut sporting, dental-care-hating, camoflage-loving redneck douchebags. One of Washington's many popular destinations for aquiring a crippling methamphetamine addiction, Belfair is also known and loved by locals for its proud tradition of racism, 4x4ing, domestic violence, hunting, alchohol abuse, homophobia, and fat ugly bitches that wear two-sizes-too-small pink sweatpans that say "JUICY" on the ass. If you've never been to Belfair, thank whatever god you pray to, click on another link (quickly!) and forget you lost the last minute of your life reading about the town voted "One Of America's Biggest Concentration Of Assholes With Big Trucks, Big Confederate Flags And Tiny Penises"* - Belfair.

* - i may or may not have made up this poll but it does not discount the inherent truth within
I ran out of gas in Belfair, WA and when I got back to my car with gas some fucking tweakers stole my sparkplug wires and plastic hubcaps!
by FritoBanditoBurrito August 12, 2011
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