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A quick exclamation used when something extraordinary, sudden or explosive happens.

(an exclamation of surprise, shock, wonder, pleasure, or the like): Beklang! Look at that!

–verb (used with object)
to gain an enthusiastic response from; thrill, or shock.

an extraordinary success: His show is a real Beklang!

excitement, interest, great pleasure, or the like: Those eyelashes will add some Beklang! to your life.


2010; perhaps during the making of headphone-based theatre piece, 'Our Broken Voice' (a Subtlemob) - when the pivotal event in the piece was left undefined... so the creators decided to Beklang! the s**t out of it.
...and then the audience are told to leave, and as they walk away....'BeKlang!'
by flossyrott February 15, 2011
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