Being tall. Most humans are "too tall" right? Well humans are never "too" tall. Every human has a piece of knowledge in their brains. It also means they have a good fitness life and good health. They are tall because their strength, their energy is all filled up in their body. People get made fun of, for being tall than a 10th grader while they are in 7th. Shortness is not a good sign to your health. You may be having issues in your muscles and bones which occurs to them to stop growing. As a fact, being tall is lucky. You won't need to spend money on stools or steps and grow by your own self. Tallness is great. If you are getting bullied for being tall enough, just call them short. You don't need to bend your knees in order to be shorter than that older person. Everybody is unique, they say. And it's true. Be yourself
Being tall is good. You are really lucky.
by Sam (Age 16) September 28, 2017
1.) Everyone shorter than you is a short person
2.) If a short person is struggling to reach an elevated item you are not allowed to offer help
3.) If a short person requests your assistance in obtaining said elevated item you are legally required to oblige
4.) The weather up here is nice
5.) You are afraid of ceiling fans
6.) Ignoring rule five is punishable by death
7.) You are allowed to say "can you put your seat up" at any time
Jesse Hows the weather up there Payson?
Payson Chill 69 degrees.
Jesse The Rules of Being Tall do say the weather is nice
by TheExtraName February 11, 2021