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Beiflip is a composite of two drinking games, Beirut and Flip -Cup. You can play with any number of players as long as both teams have an even amount. Just like Beirut, each end of the table has ten cups of beer (any amount depending on how good you are feeling) in a triangle. One player on each team stands on either end of the table with the remaining players on each designated side. Each player on the side of the table has a cup of beer (same amount as a normal flip-cup game). The game begins by one person shooting at a time to make one of the cups. Each player takes turns as they rotate down the side of the table. Once a cup is made, starting from the side the cup was made, there is a flip-cup game. If the team that made the shot wins the other team takes a cup. If the opposing team wins the cup is defended and put back in its spot. Once a team makes a cup and wins the flip-cup game the game officially starts with the winning team shooting first. You repeat this process until all the cups are gone. The same rules in Beirut apply to consolidations (re-racks), shooting, and bouncing. Note that it is impossible to make Beirut due to the fact you only have one ball.
"So we don't have to make a long list of who is up next in Beirut or fight over whether we should play flip-cup or Beirut, lets play both at the same time and play Beiflip (Bay-Flip)"
by Bob Pruett November 29, 2007
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