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The Behemoth Mammoth is an imaginary monster that kills and eats young children. Its place of origin is the church on Bryant Woods Dr. in Princeton, IL, and is often found lurking in the stairwell of that church, waiting for a tasty meal. It comes out just after sundown, and will make its attack(s) from dusk to dawn.
Normally it doesn't come out of its hiding place, but sometimes, if kids are riding their bikes around the parking lot of the church, it will sneak out and chase them, closing in on its prey.
The Behemoth Mammoth is the one mammoth known to have survived the Ice Age. Despite its extraordinary size, it can run at astonishingly fast speeds, easily able to outrun small children.
Though first located in Princeton, it roams throughout the entire state of Illinois, and very few who see it ever live to see the light of day again.
It has been rumored to resemble Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street.
Having lived in Princeton for 9 years of my childhood, the Behemoth Mammoth was one of the monsters my parents frightened me with.
by Malorie April 29, 2006
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