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The effect of beer or any other alcoholic beverage to slow down brain fuction enough to convince a person that the song they are listening to (initially condidered to be crap) is actually moderately enjoyable. The effects usually continue to progress further by the person becoming convinced they can dance to the music, and thus finally resulting in the consumer screaming out onto the dance floor and expressing in a drunken slurr that... "Dude, this song F*$5KING ROCKS!"

Cousin to the beergoggles
After having a few drinks, JR began tapping his foot to the musical catastrophe of Pittsburgh Slim. The beerphones had just set in.
by Barb E. January 05, 2008
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Phenomena where a song or music sounds better depending on the amount of alcohol (beer) consumed. Like beer goggles for the ears.
At first I thought this band sucked, but now that I have my beer phones on, they sound pretty good.
by retrohgmr March 03, 2010
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Self-induced inner-ear technology, which allows and often leads an individual to believe they are singing at an appropriate pitch, speed, tone, and/or volume in a public location or private karaoke room and is adjusted in direct proportion to the amount of alcohol the individual has consumed.

Warning: Sometimes malfunctions and increases dissonances when more than one pair is worn in large group.

Side Note: Usually worn with beer goggles.
A: Did you hear them singing last night at karaoke?
B: Yeah, they must have had their beer-phones on. . . but, they were kinda cute, weren't they?
A: Yeah, but I had on my beer goggles.
by JWSTigre April 17, 2010
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