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Stands for Beer-Condom. Usually a sock or a shirt sleeve, Beerdoms are placed around a beer while in the car to avoid any unneccessary attention from passing cars and, more importantly, cops.
Quick, Nicole! Put a beerdom around your tall can so that cop won't see us backseat boozing!
by Lauren Guzman July 27, 2008
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Beerdom: When you fall asleep because you have taken part in too much alcohol and are surrounded by the cans and bottles of said alcohol. Your own personal Beerdom.
Hey check out Anthony and his 3 can beerdom. Weak

When I woke up my beerdom was all around my room from my end table to the bed.

My beerdom protected me last night! They were coming to draw on my face but then they hit my beerdom's walls and when the can crunched I was awoken!

Kents beerdom? No he definitely didn't do 10. He took extra cans from the table for the beerdom in his room.
by Dick Keen April 16, 2009
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