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Drinking game invented while camping. The first games on campus were played in the fall of 02 at the UW. Now leagues are at several Pac 10 schools and tailgate groups.

Game involves players; 2 per team, each player has 2 throws per round. Teams are throwing at the other teams’ stanchions with their cups in place. 1 point for a hit, and a drink for the other person who's stanchion was hit, 2 points for a leaner or if you hit both stanchions, 3 points for a ringer and they must kill their beer and 4 points for a Shocker which is a hit on one stanchion, and then a ringer on the other stanchion. Teams play to 21, must win by 2. If you miss both of your throws, you lose a point and must drink, if both of you miss, both lose a point, the team loses a point (3 total) and that team must do 10 push ups. The game begins by a best of 3 rock, paper, and scissors to decide who throws first and from what side.

Game has been featured on, College Tour, Fox Sports, ABC pregame,, several local and school newspapers and made the Elite Eight in ESPN’s College Gameday Tailgate Traditions contest in 08. Losing to the eventual champions from Appalachian State College.

On a blog "Best tailgate game EVER" as found on a Google search for Beershoes

Drinking game invented by Scott (last name withheld for Google Search reasons) of a small town with a Scottish name in southwest Washington. He is now referred to as The Godfather by players of this game.
We got killed in Beer Shoes that last game, 21-10

Damn! They needed four points to win, and they got a Shocker on their last throw.

Respect The Game, and drink.

Team Douche, beat Team Touching Grandpa 21-18.
by WhiskeyDawg February 04, 2011
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