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Open ended scale for determing the doability of someone. The standard unit of measurement is the 12 oz can. Other units are six-packs, cases, 1/4 kegs, and 1/2 kegs. Units can be positive or negative (negative beers are the number of beers someone else must consume to do you).
Did you see Dave face licking that chick at the Garber Semi-Formal. She was ten beers on the beer scale.

My girlfriend is so hot, she's a negative six-pack.
by agent deviant September 13, 2006
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A scale of women from 1-10 based on precise measurements of alcohol.

Something drunk guys use to determine who they can sleep with.
Damn Smitty, I bet she's a 5 sober, but the beer scale easily bumps her up to an 8.
by Big Time April 04, 2005
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