1. A person who forces others to follow some arbeitrary rule in return for precious beer.

2. Staff who will not serve beer for a reason considered stupid by the customer.

3. A beer purist who has an exact definition for what beer ought to be. Anything that does not meet the Beer Nazi's exact definiton is not really beer, according to the Beer Nazi.
1. As the official beach-party Beer Nazi, Stan people turn in their empty beer can before they could get a new full one.

2. We drove 100 miles out of our way to visit this pub attached to a brewery, but the Beer Nazis inside were too busy trying to fill an order to bring us any pretzels, and our selection was limited to only two of five beers on the menu.

3. This Japaneese lager tastes like beer, looks like beer, but is not beer. Apparently its not brewed according to the beer nazi brewing protocol. And really, who cares that its not beer, at 5.5% alcohol and 130 yen a can???
by zaphraud January 29, 2005
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A pretentious idiot who ridicules people for liking popular beers.
Beer Nazi: "Hahaha you can't like Fosters, you pleb."
by Rory the sheep March 18, 2009
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