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A hybrid of Beer Pong and Flip Cup, with vast party appeal because of this. It is a team game with three or more people per team, with two "Shooters" and at least one "Flipper", though the number of flippers may be limited by table space (however, more people is more fun). It is set up like a regular beer pong game, with racks of at least six cups set in a triangle formation on each side, as well as cups along the side of the table, one per flipper. The shooters try to throw pong balls into cups, as one would in a regular game of beer pong. However, if one team successfully throws a ball into a cup, both teams immediately begin flipping cups, starting with the flipper furthest from the shooters on their team, and progressing down the side of the table to the shooters, who also play flip cup. A flipper must finish the beer in their cup, then try to flip the cup from a standing-upright position to upside down before the next flipper can begin the same process. If the team who wins flip cup is also the team that threw the ball into the cup, the cup is removed from play, as is standard in beer pong. However, if the winning flip cup team is NOT the team who threw the ball into the cup, the cup is defended, and remains in play. The game is finished when one of the teams has no pong cups remaining on their side.

The game is subject to whatever house rules may be in use at the venue. The amount of beer in one's flip cup should also be determined by the house.
I got so wasted from that. I'm never playing Beer Kong ever again.

I can't believe we just spent an hour playing one game of Beer Kong. Best game EVER!

BEER KONG!!!!! (said while loudly beating one's chest, such as a great ape displaying its dominance)
by loganalltogether August 05, 2010
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