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The composition of at least 60 beer cans completing a full circle around a bonfire. All cans must be fully drank and then placed side by side until the circle is full. In most cases this consists of a group effort as it takes a minimum of two thirties to finish a circle. Any circle consisting of less than 60 beers is considered incomplete, inadequate and the participants should not feel any sense of accomplishment.

Upon completion of the beer circle it is appropriate for all who added to shotgun a full beer and throw it in the fire; yelling, shouting, screaming and intense make-out seshes should accompany this. Everyone should acknowledge that they cannot leave the fire until it has completely burned out. It will probably be around 3 or 4am at this time; many will be passed out and will wake up in the morning with casual beach goers staring awkwardly at them as they walk by.

The completion of a beer circle is something to be cherished and should be considered a life-long goal to any who have not finished one.
Marisa: Sooo... what's your goal this summer?
Billy: I gotta finish a beer circle before schools starts again. I'll cry if i don't.
Marisa: Totessss. I'll help and drink only 3 beers cause I'm a lightweight.
by thebelarussiandude March 14, 2010
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