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A drinking game in which there is a circle of any number of people (preferably over 3 and under 10). Provide one can of beer for each player and have someone that is not playing take the cans into another room. Have that person shake one can and then put the cans into and ice chest and return back to the original room. Each player takes one can and take turns opening their can, hoping not to have the shaken can. Repeat around the circle until someone is sprayed with beer. That player is out and the rest of the players drink their can. Repeat rounds until there is one player left. That player is the winner.
Matt: Who wants to get fucked up??
Dom: Me, me, me.
Matt: Let's play beer roulette!
Dom: Fuck yeah, i won't remember this night at all.
by breauxmartbagger December 06, 2009
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