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You tell time by the amount of beers consumed. Everyone has a different "schedule".
"Hey. What time is it?" Joe asked groggily.

"Umm..." Max peered at the number of empty beer bottles in front of him. "I'd say about 2:30 AM."

"Whoa! How do you know?" Joe asked with wide eyes.

"Beer clock." Max replied knowingly, then promptly fell asleep.
by elsbethromeo September 13, 2009
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The level of beer in the last pitcher or glass, that determines when it's time to leave the bar or restaurant. i.e., when it's empty it's time to go -- and not before. (Obviously the beer clock can be reset by ordering another pitcher/glass.)
Child: Dad when are we going to go?
Dad: When the beer clock says so (pointing at the pitcher that isn't empty)!
by mmcg1 October 14, 2015
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