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When a girl has been sexually overused vaginally and/or when the labia minora, the "beef" or "lips" of the female genitals, is completely external to the point where one could wrap objects or herself in.
guy 1: Hey, did you see that girl in math class? guy 2: You mean the blond with the short skirt? oh, dude! I totally hit that!!
guy 1: I'm sure you did! The girls a total slut. Every time she takes a step, her beef blanket claps harder than a def audience.
by 1om3n8 January 18, 2012
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On her way out of the bathroom, Katie tripped on her California King Size Beef Blankets.
He doesn't have a comforter, he wraps up in Katie's Beef Blankets when he gets cold.
by cuddlefinger December 07, 2011
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