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Pronounced: BEEK
The action of Beeeking stems from a long line of ancient Fitzgeralds. Starting in the 1700's when it was referred to as "booooking" the present day "BeeeEEEEK" consists of placing your thumb and forefinger ever so close together, as if you were crushing someones head from afar, then gently RAMMING the "beeeeker" into the butt cheek of an innocent by-stander while simultaniously squeaking "BEEEEEEEEEEEK" in the key of a high F.
Doogie Fitzgerald bends over to pick up what appears to be a shiny penny when much to his surprise, a complete stranger sort of pinches his butt slightly elevating him off the ground. Before Doogie can even turn around he hears a high pitched "BeeeEEEEK!" On top of it all not only was he a victim of a walk by BeeeEEEEK-ing, much to his disappointment the "shiny penny" turned out to be a root beer flavored bottle cap. (He tasted it)
by Crew-da-tayz March 31, 2009
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