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A rare and mysterious cross-bred, interspecies insect that is part butterfly, part bumblebee, part bat, with vampire-like fangs. It flies like butterfly and stings like a bee, and sometimes drinks your blood.

Can also be used to define an extremely annoying person who is mostly clueless as to how extensively irritating they truly are but at the same time has a heart of gold. This combination of personality traits makes it really difficult to just shun the person because you'll always feel guilty in the long-run about having rejected said person. You love them, you hate them.
"Oh no! Here comes Buffy! She's the biggest BEECHOMP ever but you gotta give her credit for making it to the Children with Cancer and other Ailments Fundraiser after being hit by a car the day before yesterday, and despite a broken leg! Look! She even made cupcakes and scones! You gotta love her, hate her!"
by StarBelly Sneetch September 22, 2011
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