A northern term.
Proceeding word is usually 'Proper'

The term Bedraggled usually refers to the way a person looks.

They could look like they've been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Someone who's left a little dried drool on their cheek from the morning and is told to clean themselves up by the homeless

Lack of washing or grooming usually occurs.
Even Mr.Muscle would decline

'Wow. She's a bedraggled mess this mornin. look at that drool! Wipe ya face ya scruffy old tart!' says the homeless man.
by SeaLife March 09, 2011
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Ass-tired; torn-up and played-out.
your shoes is hella bedraggled, yo, lookin' like you got fleeced at your grandmama's yard sale.
by brown wolf April 30, 2008
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An unkept lazy worker that spends more energy trying to avoid work than producing anything productive. They often have a soul patch, don't iron their clothes and eat more then they work. Prone to outbreaks of lip herpies and other STI's that have have no issues with spreading to the general populce. If you have one in your workplace it is advised that you bring your own cutlery.
Jesus you bedraggled shirker do you have the lip herpies again.. please do some work around here and have some respect for you appearence you are looking like an unkept yeti.
by Battered worker November 22, 2017
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