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A 'Bedlamite' is the term used to describe a member of the 'James Blunt' fandom. They worship James Blunt and everything about him.

These classy mofos are of the highest moral fibre and have impressive intellect and sharp wit, enabling them to connect with the songs written and performed (emphatically) by the almighty Blunty (Lord of all).

They are some damn fine sassy specimens of humanity, who are particularly partial to super hot and spicy chicken wings.

Their daily activities and hobbies include singing along and listening to James' music on repeat (to the extent that family and friends threaten professional intervention) crying over pictures of James, crying over videos of James, listening to more music, generally yabbering on about James to anyone with functional ear canals.

They are completely and utterly nuts.
Seriously, you have been warned.
They're full crazy.
Aint no half ass crazy when they're about.
Person 1: Wow, she's one saucy wench.
Person 2: What do you expect, she's a Bedlamite?
by Slideoverherebluntymydear January 07, 2013
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