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A cofee for those moments, that are just too awkward for words.
You arrive home and your wife is with some stranger in bed. All three of you now must drink Awkward Moments Coffee.
by Fun1k November 28, 2011

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Classy old english way of saying "You mad bro?"
a: Why does everyone watching stupid ponies?! FUUUUUUUCK DIS GAY SHIT

b: Art thou bedlamite?
by Fun1k September 07, 2012

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connection of acronyms lol and omg
l (from lol) + o (from omg) + o (from lol) + m (from omg) + l (from lol) + g (from omg) = loomlg
<a> check this picture: "link"
<b> loomlg
by Fun1k January 08, 2012

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Shortened version of trademark.
*These jerk-like hairstyle is (subject name here)'s tr8mark.
by Fun1k June 12, 2011

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