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A place where children 10-14 go to get tortured for 3 years (unless your bad, in which they lock you in for another year... or two...). The cafeteria is perfect for mass destruction. There aren't hallways dedicated to each grade, so the 8th graders get to scare the shit out of 6th graders, 7th graders get made fun of cause they think they're the shit, and 8th graders get to walk around anywhere and stare down whoever the fuck they want. The teachers have to pretend like they don't hate all the rich brats, but still end up hinting to it a little. The secretaries act like they are on desperate housewives, talking shit about their coworkers and being inpatient bitches to the kids that enter.
I survived Bedford Middle School.
by Shaela Isadora November 06, 2007
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a place where teachers(drill sargents) are full of shit and many lives are lost each year.
Located in Westport, CT
Fuck, i'm going to Bedford.
by JK November 17, 2004
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Bedford Middle School is a place similar to hell that you spend 3 years of your life not really learning shit because the teachers don't even know what they're talking about just to go spend 4 more years in an even worse place known as BNL. Our water fountain doesn't have cold water and almost all of our bathrooms have problems with overflowing at least once a month. Our school is so ratchet they gave us paper plates for 2 days because they didn't want to wash the trays. We have ratarded hall monitors that literally walks round the hallways and dont do shit. The principal doesn't care about any of the students and half of our school drinks alcohol and does drugs. The bitches in the office sit around on their fat asses gossiping about shit like they are on the real housewives. Preppy bitches stand in the middle of the hallway and talk while you're trying to get to your locker. Oh and one of our hall monitors is gay and flirts with the boys at school.
sarcastically says "Bedford Middle School is great"
by Tbh no October 30, 2014
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