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When going to bed alone you may get lonely/hungry, but if you bring some meat to bed (hence Bed Meat) then these problems can be overcome. Any meat can be used depending on the use, sausages could be used if you are homosexual, or a nice fish fillet if you prefer the ladies.
Hungry? Have a little nibble of your Bed Meat.
Horny? Have a little prod at your Bed Meat.
Lonely? Have a little chat to your Bed Meat.
Dude: Awh man, i could really do with some Bed Meat
*Dude gets meat*
Dude: Mmmm meat *nom*
Dude: I'm feeling strange feelings towards this meat *sex*
Dude: That was great baby, thanks.
by FourteenAjk13 December 03, 2011
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