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Bed Cred is like having street cred but in the sack. For instance if you pull off a high skill or high risk maneuver such as the shocker, the rear admiral, a threesome or a white sanchez then you've earned some bed cred. Bed cred can also be earned by going above and beyond to please the other partner(s) involved.
Hey man check it, I was with this girl last night and I gave her the shocker and 3 orgasms!

Nice man. I'd say you just earned a healthy chunk of bed cred.
by Erin Scott March 02, 2007
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Bed Cred is the reputation you gain among your peers for sexual prowess (or not, as the case may be). Bed cred is not gained only from bedroom sex, it can be gained from sex in a swimming pool, tennis court, or for extra points, bondage on ITV primetime, or other live tv shows. Interesting positions and/or use of equipment can get you extra cred, but size is the main factor - a 1 foot wonder will always beat a 1 inch wonder. Just remember, word has to get round, or no Bed Cred can be gained.
Josh lost almost all his bed cred when he split up with Jane and she admitted he only had 3 inches
by Little_Meep March 21, 2008
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