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Hey wassup. his name is Bebe King, he is 14 years old and goes to MHS, he's on the football team and consideres himself athletic. His father owns an apple orchard and works as an apple picker. They make enough money so that Ms.Bebeking doesn't have to work. Bebe Kings father is also named Bebe King. he has a myspace too. He loves this girl named Shanera. Ella esta is Toda de el vida.
When the orchard was first started, the sign was printed backwards, so on the front of the orcahrd their house it says KingBebe Orchard of Apples.
Song: KingBebe-KingBebe-King-King-KingBebe
This is the song that we all grew up with. Its clearly about Bebe king.
Can You Bebebe?
by BebeKings Fan Club Leader January 12, 2007
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