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A Beavercoon is the mix between a beaver and a raccoon, these freaks of nature don't actually exist in nature, they invade your dreams by sending a Mini-Beavercoon about the size of your palm and when you catch it a mass number of Beavercoons of different sizes come out from everywhere and sometimes there is an overly sized Bob cat that jumps into your home and roars in an awkward tone, there can also be a whole bunch of people around who don't seem to notice all this happening, just the person dreaming.
Dude 1:"Dude, I had the weirdest dream last night about a whole bunch of Beavercoons."
Dude 2:"Did a overly sized Bob cat jump into your home and roar in an awkward tone?!?"
Dude 1:"Yeah!"
by Noodlejuices January 01, 2011
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