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Derrick Lee Weatherly (Born February 27, 1989) professionally known as Beat Freak, is an American inspiring Producer, Song Writer, and Composer.

Beat Freak was born Derrick Lee Weatherly on February 27, 1989, in Marion, Indiana. He is the son of Deidra Evette Weatherly-Nukes. He was raised in Marion, IN his whole life but was actually born in Denver, Co. After he was 2 months old him and his mother moved back to Marion. Beat Freak has a large "Weatherly" family in Marion so was also around family as he was growing uP. The "Weatherly Family" is very popular in the town and everybody knew you because Marion isn't very big. With the Weatherly Family being a very talented musical family Derrick had no choice but to inherent some of the talents and abilities of the family. He got his first little drum set at the age of 4 or 5 but got his first real drum set at 7 years old on christmas day. He practice his drums daily in the garage. As he got better he started playing at his local church Christ Temple Apostolic Church.

Him and his cousin Jonathan Weatherly also known as Jonny B-3 (Well known organ/keyboard player) went down to the church and use to practice all the time. Pastor David Birchett had to sometimes tell them to leave or tell them to take a couPle days off cause they made so much noise. Derrick and Jon started playing the drums and organ for their familys singing group "The Weatherly Gospel Ensemble". The group consist of Derrick's great uncle Danny Weatherly, great uncle Jonny Weatherly (Jon's Dad), great aunt Debby Weatherly, great aunt Delores Weatherly-Morrell, and his mother Deidra Weatherly-Nukes. His great uncle melvyn was also part of the group singing, playing the organ, and the bass guitar. They would go to different churchs and event to sing and minister to all types of people. Usually would go all around the state to different churchs and events but they have also visited North Carolina and
California to sing. Later on Derrick's great uncle Timmy Weatherly and Grandfather Donald Weatherly join "The Weatherly Gospel Ensemble". Derrick also played in the orchestra playing the cello in the 5th grade at McCulloch Middle School. You couldn't be in band intil 6th grade so he decided to do orchestra intil he could. He learn how to read and write music and played in a few concerts. When he went to the 6th grade he joined band and played percussion. He exceled in playing the snare and bass drum and was also very good playing the xylophone, marimba, and the chimes. He usually was the one stepping uP in class and helping the others with their music. He took band classes from 6th to 10th grade. Playing in Concert Band, Marching Band, and Symphonic Band. He stopped taking classes in 11th grade because he found it boring and to easy.
Did you hear Beat Freak (Producer) 's new beat? Yea its crazy!
by Beat Freak (Producer) July 31, 2009
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