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A Jeff Martin induced boner. The ultimate boner (level 10 in stiffness) that a male can achieve, from another male. Typically resulting from being in close proximity of Jeff Martin and/or thinking about Jeff Martin.

The origins of the Beasty Broner date back to 2006 when Adam 'The Beast' Cyr was roommates with Jeff Martin in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Many full scale erections occurred between the years 2006 - 2012.
"Jeff just gave me a Beasty Broner" - The Beast

"This boner just reached Beasty Broner proportions" - The Beast

Scotty - "Beast, why are you walking around the Alehouse with a boner?"
Beast - "Saw Jeff Martin on the dance floor, and got a Beasty Broner"
Scotty - "wow, I just got a Beasty broner too!!"
by Project Halifax January 03, 2014
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