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Originated at the University of Arizona

Very similar to what you all may know as the Great American Challenge. You assemble teams of 4 or 5 and race to complete a 5th of hard alcohol of your teams choice, 30 pack of beer, 8th of marijuana, 2 large pizzas and a 100 piece puzzle.

The best way to do is to record the times in which each team finishes their 30 pack and wait for each team to finish. Then typically the team has their 8th of marijuana rolled into individual blunts for each team member and every member from each team smokes together then, the team that first finished their 30 pack first may begin to eat their pizza while other teams must wait accordingly to the amount of time they finished behind the team that first finished their beer.

The best way to do this is to have a small group of people to judge and keep track of the times in which the alcohol is finished. And it keeps everything in order because oh boy do things get sloppy. Props to those who can finish.
"We did the Bear Down Challenge last night??"

Only if my mother knew the stuff that goes down at college, like the fucking Bear Down Challenge!!
by Papa Chop June 17, 2010
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