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A place in Sylhet with the largest number of expatriates in UK and the United States. Once a jungle town, it has started becoming into a thriving district of Sylhet due to remittance from family members abroad.

Most of the UK Beanibazaries live in Tower Hamlets, London. Most of the USA Beanibazaries live in neighborhoods of New York City such as Ozone Park, Astoria, Parkchester, and Jamaica. Beanibazaris consider themselves an elite class of Sylhetis and have their own committee set up abroad with Presidents and elections. They tend to marry within themselves and look down upon those who are not Beanibazari. Most newly immigrant Beanibazaris either own restaurants or work in them. Other tend to be taxi drivers. However second generation tend to go off to college and become doctors, lawyers, and engineers. Some tend to become rappers or wannabe gangsters especially the Beanibazaris from New York.

Overall being from Beanibazar is an honor and if you meet one, greet him/her with respect because they are better than you.
Lady sees a cute kid: Ya'Allah oto shoondor fua. Thor bari khano.
Kid: Beanibazar!

Guy 1: I'm mad hood nigga. I got the dunks, the earnings, the chick. Don't fuck with me.
Guy 2: Dhoor Suoror Baicha. Beanibazar manchor kaslot baad.
Guy 1 stabs Guy 2
by SylhetiFua March 10, 2010
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